Our CrossFit Teens program is for all teenagers!

it is designed to help build strength, endurance,

confidence, healthy lifestyle habits and gain friends.

Teenagers may attend any CrossFit class but are encouraged to come on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30pm


Crossfit Teens is a strength and conditioning program designed for 13-17 year old teenagers (some age exceptions can be made depending on maturity and skill level).

This program will help teenagers develop a lifetime love of fitness, through age-appropriate weightlifting, conditioning and gymnastics training.

Each class is instructed by a Level 1 Certified Crossfit instructor. In addition to physical fitness, we aim to boost self-esteem and confidence within our teens. We want to give them the strength, both physically and mentally, to tackle any obstacle thrown their way inside or out of the gym.


Coach Juliana is one of many CrossFit Coaches who are ready to help teenagers achieve their fitness goals and potential.

Meet our entire staff here!

Teens participating in outside athletics, can come build a solid foundation, develop strength, speed, agility, power, & endurance, and get that extra edge to excel at any sport outside of CrossFit.

While many schools have sports teams, not all schools have quality strength and conditioning training accessible. Our CrossFit Front Royal - Teens program runs 2x a week, which provides consistency & confidence in the training teens need to help them thrive in their sport.

Teens who don’t compete in other sports, but want to improve overall fitness, we hear you, we see you, and we’re all about that too! Make the commitment to join our CrossFit Front Royal Teens’ program and you won't believe what you can accomplish — build strength, endurance, confidence, healthy lifestyle habits, friendships, and gains!

35 E Jackson St, Front Royal, VA 22630, USA